As what seems to be a camera turns on, a large brown room filled with shelves and books appears.

A man's voice can be heard from behind the camera. "We're on, Jessica."

"Okay," a female voice is heard. "Move the camera so it faces me."

As ordered, the man pans the camera towards a woman. She's medium height with shoulder-length brown hair with dark purple dye in it and large sky blue eyes. Her outfit consists of a cut purple tank top, dark gray leggings, a light yellow cross necklace, four earrings in each ear, and beige Uggs.

"Can I start, Ty?" the woman asks.

The camera nods, roughly meaning yes.

The woman clears her throat. "Alright. Hey! Welcome, viewers of this channel, to a new season of Total Drama!" She smiles widely. "After Chris McLean left show business, I decided I would bring back sixteen juicy Total Drama veterans to compete in the best season of Total Drama ever. But, they all refused. They said something about the contract being useless without Chris hosting. What a bunch of chickens! Moving on, I decided to bring sixteen all new competitors to Total Drama. Yup, new! And these contestants will be even jucier than the veterans. I promise that. By the way, my name's Jessica Shnell, daughter of doctor and lawyer Shnell and co-creator of the winking cat face." Jessica winks with her right eye and curls her lips. She does look very similar to the winking cat. When she stops making the face, she starts talking again. "Anywho, who will these sixteen lucky losers be? Will you see anyone you know? How will they react when they see the biggest weirdo of them all?! Find out the answer to these questions and more on this premiere of Total Drama..." Jessica pauses for a moment, trying to build up excitement. "THE INSIDE STORY!"

The title pops out of a large book sitting in front of Jessica in large red letters.

"Roll the theme song!"

(Theme Song Plays)

After the theme song ends, Jessica appears in front of the camera, once again. This time, her background includes the outside of the library she was previously in. It's not big, but consists of two large white columns, two white lion statues, and a large white roof. "Welcome back, TV viewers," she greets the camera. "We're going to introduce our contestants, now, so beware: some of them are really weird."

A taxi cab pulls up in front of the library. Out of it walks a girl with two large cadet blue bags of luggage.

"Hey, Blythe!" Jessica greets the short girl.

The girl, Blythe, is wearing a cadet blue tank top over a white shirt with a red skirt. She has a red bow tie on, as well as cadet blue boots. In her shoulder-length light brown hair is a small red bow, keeping her hair from falling in front of her eyes. She also has small lime green eyes. "How are you, Jessica?"

"I'm great! Are you excited to be here?" Jessica probes.

Blythe shrugs. "I guess. It's weird being away from home." Blythe takes ten dollars from her bag and hands it to the waiting taxi cab driver. "Thanks, again."

The taxi cab rapidly drives away, which causes Blythe to spin. "Woah." She catches her balance. "That guy was mean."

Blythe walks over to Jessica as a limousine pulls up to the library.

"Who is that?" Blythe asks.

"It should be Brenna," Jessica states.

After completely stopping, the door to the limousine opens and a girl, about average height, steps out. She's carrying four bags, all sky blue in color. Her outfit consists of a blue-gray t-shirt with a black winking cat on it, navy blue jeans, and aqua sneakers.  Her hair is dirty blonde in shade and is about shoulder-length and her eyes are a deep purple.  She also has a gold necklace a diamond bracelet. "Are you the hostess?"

"Wow, you're smart," Jessica says sarcastically.

Brenna growls at Jessica. "And this girl...?"

"Blythe's the name," Blythe replies.

"A stupid name for a stupid girl," Brenna says.

Blythe, offended, turns away from Brenna and awaits the next contestant.

"What's her problem?" Brenna asks Jessica.

Jessica rolls her eyes as the next contestant arrives.

A red-and-black sports car pulls up quite quickly after arriving at the library. It makes a stop and jerks forward a bit before the door opens up. A tall male with olive skin steps out. "Thanks, dad." He's carrying one bag of luggage and it's tan-colored. The boy's lush black-hair was spiked up above his big brown eyes. He's wearing a black shirt with yellow writing that reads, "Sarcasm: The Only Tool." He's also wearing black jeans and yellow sneakers. "I'm Egypt."

Brenna giggles. "Wow, you're cute."

"Am I cute?" Egypt lifts up his shirt to show a six-pack.

"No," Blythe corrects, "you're a hunk!"

Brenna giggles again, but is interrupted by Jessica. "Yeah, you're hot. Now move along." She pushes Egypt over to the two girls, who grab each of his two arms.

The sports car speeds away, leaving Jessica in a giant wind of dust. Jessica spits out some dust as a yellow Toyota Prius pulls up to her.

A teenage boy with bright blonde hair walks out of the Prius with a red bag of luggage and it slowly drives away. "Sorry 'bout that, my mom decided to drive me here in that," he points toward the Prius, "which I didn't like 'cause it's not cool." His blonde hair is lies at the top of his neck, below his gold eyes. His outfit consisted of a red tank, brown khakis, and red sneakers. His peach skin lightly glistened under the light.

"Great story, great story." Brenna pays no attention to the new teenager.

"Sorry about her, Friday," Jessica says, "She's just really enveloped in Egypt, over here."

Friday, the new boy, analyzes the Egyptian. "I guess he's okay looking. Not what I thought the babes would be after, but..."

"Do you have abs like this?!" Brenna interrupts. She pulls Egypt's shirt up, revealing his six-pack, again.

Friday frowns. "All I have is a one-pack."

"No thank you," Blythe says in a strong voice.

"Just stand next to them," Jessica says, a hint of sadness taking into her tone.

Friday positions himself to the right of the two girls and Egypt.

A small car that looks beat-up slows down in front of the contestants. (Ilizabet)

The next vehicle to pull up is a city bus. It has two people inside.

One walks out. He's extremely taller and more noticeable than his fellow contestants. His bright blonde hair is in a mini-afro and his pale skin helps his blue eyes stand out. In his hands are two suitcases; one made of metal and the other red in color. His outfit is quite simple and consists of a white t-shirt barely shown under a gray hoodie. He's also wearing black jeans and orange sneakers. "The name's Lary. Y'know, Lary, Lary, quite contrary." He laughs at his own joke.

"No one thought that was funny, boy," Ilizabet says sternly.

"I thought it was funny," another voice says. A red metal lobster walks out of the bus. His voice is normal, like a human's, but he looks as if he isn't.

"Er... what I meant to say was that it was so funny, Mr. Robot... er sir," Ilizabet corrects nervously.

The lobster man walks up next to Lary. "Thanks for carrying my bag, friend."

"No problem, Lobster, ol' buddy." He hands the lobster his bag, the red one.

"Does he scare anyone else?" Brenna asks nervously.

Everyone, except for Lary, Lobster, and Jessica raises their hands.

"Why does everyone think I'm scary?" Lobster asks. "I'm just a normal teenage boy." Lobster puts his large metal face down.

"Well," Lary adds on, "you're genetically better than most people. And I'm genetically funnier."

Lobster's head pops up. "I need my daily air break." He hits a red button on his head and lets his head out. He's a brunette with big green eyes.

"And I thought you were scary," Brenna says. She waves it off. "That was then and this is now."

Lobster puts his helmet back on. "If you saw my body, you would be scared. My mom died during child birth and my dad tried to save me. The only way he could was to build me a suit. He couldn't think of an idea, so he got one of my mom's friends to help him. Together, they built a suit that would grow as I did. I tell everyone about this, and when they see my face, they wonder what's wrong with me. Well, I have a small body. It's about as big as a baby's. I could never grow. Well, my body never could. But I don't care. Now you guys won't judge me, right?"

Everyone was speechless.

"I won't," Blythe says first.

The others chime in. "Neither will I." "I won't again, sorry."

Lary skips over to the others, followed by a content Lobster.

"WEEEE'RRRREEE... off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of OZZZZZZZZZ!" Lary sings, but in a too-loud voice.

"Shut it, string bean," Ilizabet growls.

Lary takes a seat by Lobster's feet, who is next to Ilizabet.

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